Hiking Made Easy in Oman

Did you know how stunning Oman is?

Do you like being the one that ‘trots the path?’

Have you seen enough ‘bling’ already, and look for something genuine?

Do you prefer putting together your own travel plans, or do you want help to fit your trip to you and your needs?

A passion for travel in Oman

Hiking Made Easy in Oman is the first ever essential guide to discovering this country’s abundant and unique natural beauty, written specifically with beginners, families and outdoor enthusiasts in mind.

Numerous Hikes and Camping Trips

The 30+ hikes and several camping trips featured in this book have been tried and tested personally by the author, Eva Kozak, her husband, and their daughter, who was 11 when they moved to Oman. In other words, they’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to!

Practical and easy to use

Adventure is just a page-turn away, with a combination of personal stories and practical tips, including meticulously compiled Google Maps coordinates, information on duration, distance and difficulty level of each hike.

Needful information

Additional guidance included:

Camping checklists, where to shop for outdoor gear in Oman, sample itineraries, Safety Tips, Tips for Offroad driving, and more.

For beginners, families and outdoor enthusiasts

Whether you’re a newbie hiker, well-seasoned or taking your young family out for the first time, with this book, you will feel confident to take on hikes and camping trips that may have previously felt out of reach. And, of course, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views, access to Oman’s bountiful outdoors, and memories to keep for a lifetime.

Travel planning?

Contact us on Eva@hikinginoman.com if you want to discuss your personal travel to Oman!

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“I absolutely love the book. It makes it so easy to go on trips, without having to spend hours of planning before going.”

Nicky, Muscat

“This book saved us hours of work and has unlocked insights to the amazing destination of Oman we never thought possible.”

Melinda, Germany

“We brought the book on a longer trip from Muscat and used it as a reference along the way. We saw locations that we would have never found on our own!”

Peter, Muscat

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